TISCI S.r.l. was established in 1982 as a manufacturer of wound components for the electronics industry.
Our flexible production policy allows us to manufacture both large batches as well as small batches production runs, in accordance with high-quality standards.
We are able to manufacture both standard components as well as custom solutions, and provide our customers with a technical/commercial support service that carefully analyses the costs involved before proceeding to the creation of the necessary prototypes, the drafting of any technical documentation and the manufacturing of the product itself.
Our vast range of products includes electromagnetic interference (EMI) suppression chokes, ferrite transformers and inductors for switching and power supply applications, pulse and drive transformers, current transformers, PFC coils and earthing coils.
Our products are widely used in various industrial sectors: power supply systems, consumer electronics, UPS systems, electro-medical systems, battery chargers, inverters, etc.
Along the years, TISCI S.r.l. has remained a young and dynamic company thanks to its commitment to keeping up with the times. Its continuous investments and its open outlook towards new technological solutions have allowed it to carve itself an important niche in the sector in which it operates.
We have seen our company grow thanks to business relationships based on seriousness, professionalism and mutual satisfaction. These have also resulted in an increase in the number of customers and in our production volume, which today stands at around one million units distributed on the national and international market every year.